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To preserve the name and legacy of their son, Aleksandra and Riste Bozinovski set up the Marko Bozinovski Foundation.

Our goal is to support young, talented athletes who don’t have the means to invest in the development of their skills and career. In addition we aim to provide the right support and environment for children and youths from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the world of sport.

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Marko Bozinovski was born on the 11th of September 2000 in Skopje, North Macedonia as the son of Riste Bozinovski and Aleksandra Bozinovska (née Brestovac) and the brother of Anika Bozinovska.

Marko was a proud child of his local area, Aerodrom and a lifelong passionate supporter of the local basketball team, MZT. Marko’s obsession with sports started at an early age. His first and favourite toy was a ball and even before his first birthday he regularly watched NBA games. His parents had no choice but to record the late-night games so he would agree to go to sleep and watch them the next day.

Although basketball was his first love that never really stopped, as he grew, he showed interest in other sports. His love of football began before he was even born – his Vardar football club membership proudly carried a scan picture of yet unborn Marko, courtesy of his father. He especially loved watching Premier league matches and was a hard-core Arsenal fan. When in London, he never missed a chance to go and see his favourite team at the Emirates stadium.

Marko was always inspired by sports stars who undoubtedly had a big influence on his development as a person and professional athlete. His role models were some of the sporting greats such as Vlade Divac, Dejan Bodiroga, Kobi Bryant, Novak Djokovic, Thierry Henry, and Lionel Messi. He followed young stars such as Kylian Mbappé, Luka Doncic and particularly Marcus Rashford whom he admired for his talent and humanitarian efforts.

Though passionate about all sports, it was handball that ultimately won Marko’s heart and full focus, partly inspired by the success of his uncle Danilo Brestovac, who made handball somewhat of a family sport.

Throughout his career, Marko played in the cadet and youth national handball teams. Most of his club career was spent in RK Metalurg and it was a time that holds the fondest memories for his parents for the sense of lifelong friendship and family that developed between the teammates and their parents.

Wanting to get more time on the pitch to maximise his potential, at 18 Marko left RK Metalurg, joining RK Butel, another club in the Macedonian super league.

RK Butel was the club where he played until the end of his short life. There he received huge support from his handball family – starting with the players, the managers, and the club management. At RK Butel he found friends and mentors among the players, managers and club management which undoubtedly helped him develop into the professional athlete he was.

The withdrawal of the number 9 and showcasing Marko’s jersey in the training centre was a magnanimous gesture, one that Marko’s family will never forget. We will forever remain passionate supporters of the sport and especially of the RK Butel team, cheering for the success of Marko’s handball family.